Rick Gillis has been sharing techniques to maximize careers for over two decades. Now Rick has created the Quotient, a dynamic new kind of performance measurement that will change how on-the-job performance is measured. Rick is providing live and online QTNT seminars, and soon, expanded enterprise-level classes in this exciting new field under the company’s QTNT brand.

Learn How to Level Your Paying Field
with Rick Gillis & QTNT Seminars


  • The Quotient is where your personal Level Paying Field begins; where you learn to pay attention to what you do as you do it.
  • Rick’s first virtual QTNT seminar was a huge success. Our next presentation will be Thursday, April 22, 6-7PM CST US.
  • This event is free to attend but you must register. Click HERE to register for this QTNT Presentation.
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Achieve more and better pay.
During this one-hour live presentation, author Rick Gillis will present the fundamentals of the Quotient, how to identify, value and share those things you do above and beyond what your job calls for as well as how to share this information with your employer at performance review time. The result? Acquire the confidence to speak up on your own behalf with the intent of achieving better pay. It is up to you to take charge of your accomplishments. Your work does not speak for itself. You do! Attend this event and learn how your personal QTNT score is the key to overcoming pay disparity. (Note: Rick is dedicated to overcoming the gender pay equity/equality barrier, but the QTNT process works for everyone!)
An open Q & A will follow each presentation.


Rick Gillis’ QTNT educational services are focused in the fields of:

  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Business Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Corporate and Personal Assessment
  • Employee and Employment Job Performance Reviews


“In my previous life I was a job search expert. Over time I became more of a ‘career therapist.” I asked the questions necessary for my clients to observe the challenges they faced and to seek the creativity that led to their having accomplished all they did. I learned to identify achievements they might have overlooked. I guided my clients to look beyond the work they had done and focus on the specific outcome of that work as something worthy of its own scrutiny. I believe everyone should be able to assign a value to his or her own little piece of the puzzle.” –Rick Gillis