A New Way to Achieve Fair Pay


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As the author of (the soon to be released) Leveling the Paying Field, Rick shares how salaried or hourly workers (vs. commissioned salespeople) can determine the value of the work they deliver to their employer–especially for those above-and-beyond-what-is-expected-of-them accomplishments that people perform every day. Regardless of what you do, this has never before been possible, and the results are eye-opening. Rick has successfully employed this technique with countless clients for more than a decade. This is not just about equal pay. This is about the proper pay for the best performers–regardless of who they are or what they look like.

An acknowledged trailblazer in online job search and career advancement as well as a genuine thought leader, Rick Gillis has spent 20+ years accumulating the 10,000 plus hours (and far more) of the deliberate practice that Malcolm Gladwell contends is required to become a world-class leader in one’s field. It is out of these thousands of hours that Rick created the QTNT Personal Value Contribution process that changes all that is currently understood about measuring the value of work delivered by an employee to their organization. (And where employers learn who is truly deserving of their $’s and attention!)


Why Fair Pay is Important to Rick Gillis


When I was sixteen years old, I held a part-time job that paid me $60 per week—oftentimes more. At the same time, my single mom, working full-time, was caring for me and my younger brother while earning $50 for every 5 1/2 day week she worked. I knew this was wrong but back then (and even today in far too many places) it was ‘just the way it was’.

Looking back, from that after school job to today, I now know that virtually everything I have done over the course of my life, every experience, good or bad, and nearly every job I have ever held, has been pivotal in bringing me to this place, to invent a personal measurement process that lead me to write Leveling the Paying Field. I am not sure that I would have recognized the (Quotient) process for what it was had the idea come to me any sooner.