Rick never ‘planned’ on becoming a nationally recognized job search expert but it is exactly that experience and the resulting client practice that brought him to the moment in 2018 when he discovered his simple (The best ideas are!) but very straightforward method for overcoming pay disparity.

Before teaching people how to LEVEL THE PAYING FIELD, Rick Gillis was involved in the launch and the remarkable success of the first two job boards in the greater Houston, Texas, area. Over a period of ten years of calling on professionals who hired others, Rick learned how job search really worked. Paying attention to what hiring professionals wanted to see on a résumé and hear in an interview, and recognizing that what he was learning in their offices was not what he was finding online or hearing at career events, Rick created his own highly successful, online-application-friendly, accomplishments-based résumé format which he continues to recommend today.

Being in the forefront of the online employment movement, Rick has spoken on  search, promotion and advancement across the US, as well as on terrestrial radio and in online forums across the world. Rick has been featured on NPR, PBS, Business Insider; in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fortune, Inc. and so many more.  Rick was a panel member for the international 2020 Project Control Summit. Additionally Rick has co-produced & hosted two radio shows and an employment-based TV series in his hometown of Houston, TX. Rick is a platinum AVA Digital Award recipient for on-air talent.

(*Click on the J-button below for Rick’s job search sample docs and video.)

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