What could more and better pay mean for doing what you do?
Coming this summer, Leveling the Paying Field offers every person
who works a simple to implement method to earn the proper pay
for their best work.

“There are several reasons why pay disparity issues happen in the US but one that continues to surface, especially for women, is our unwillingness to advocate for ourselves. While much is written in the areas of assertiveness and communication styles what has been missing from this conversation are the metrics to advocate for oneself. Career management and job search expert, Rick Gillis, now offers a groundbreaking, potentially life-changing concept that provides you with a methodology to define your worth in the language of business: how to measure your financial benefit to the organization.”
Alana M. Hill, from the Foreword to Leveling the Paying Field

What others are saying…

In Leveling the Paying Field author Rick Gillis has brought his lifetime of career management experience to solving one of the hardest aspects of compensation and negotiation: quantifying performance and value fairly and accurately, regardless of role or gender. Gillis provides a simple, repeatable formula as well as many examples that illustrate that quantifying value is not just for those whose work directly impacts revenue. His “quotient” will work for everyone, from secretaries to project managers to executives. A must for HR and hiring managers.
LISA GATES, Negotiation and Career Story Coach,

Rick Gillis may have resolved the issue of pay disparity in the workplace. By embracing the concepts laid out in this book, no matter what you do, you could realistically change your pay and your reality. The legacy of Leveling the Paying Field could be to change the lives of generations yet to come.
KEITH WYCHE, C-Suite Executive, Speaker & Author of Good is Not Enough & Corner Office Rules


Equal Pay or the Proper Pay?


In Leveling the Paying Field, Rick Gillis introduces the Quotient (QTNT), a deceptively simple, yet amazingly rich way of measuring a person’s contributions and accomplishments.
RANDALL HANSEN, Ph.D. Empowering Educator & Marketer


While equal pay for equal work is the law of the land (at least in the US), Rick operates from the premise that the proper pay for the best (measurable) performance is the standard from which pay should be determined. This concept puts the opportunity for identifying and sharing personal best contributions in the hands of the workforce–something that has never been done before but is actually very simple to accomplish. After all, who knows better what you do–especially those things you do that are above and beyond the call of your job description. This is the game changing idea behind the Quotient. And the best part? This is not difficult. In fact, the simplicity is astounding.

The correct pay; the right pay for what you do is all that you are seeking.
Learn how to achieve the proper pay, the right pay, for the work you do.
Learn to Level Your Paying Field.