The Quotient (QTNT)–a Bright Fresh New Idea

It was an idea that struck me after so many year of counseling job seekers: Why can’t a person who takes home a paycheck–versus a commissioned sales person–be able to determine the value of their work to their employer? I “Googled” this idea and then after calling and speaking with a retired Chief Financial Officer friend and a couple of CPAs, I learned that, in fact, there has never been a methodology to do so. There are ways of ‘batching’ a group of workers (regardless of rate of pay) and dividing total costs by the number of employees in that group but this does not result in INDIVIDUAL performance measurement. To be more clear, one employee in that group might be earning $15/hr while a manager could be earning $60/hr. Get my drift?

That’s when I knew I was onto something. That is what led to me writing my next book, Leveling the Paying Field, A Groundbreaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay, as well as to create the QTNT (pronounced ‘quotient’) Personal Value Calculation system/score/process/method–whatever you would like to call it. Although I said it in the title above, this idea truly is groundbreaking and will change how paycheck-workers look at pay and, more to the point, how they contribute value to their employers and, by extension, how much they are actually worth compared to what they are paid. (PS This same system also exposes those workers who are NOT earning their keep.)

[From Leveling the Paying Field, Pg 2:]
You may think that personal accomplishment is relatively easy to measure. Well, it is—if you are in sales—and it isn’t if you are everybody else. Most employees don’t have a clue how to measure the value of what they do.

To some, performance can mean as little as doing just enough to keep their job, or it can mean strategically outmaneuvering and outperforming the competition—their coworkers—enough to impress the powers that be and convince them that they are the person most worthy of promotion.

Keep all of this in mind as I share the Quotient with you. This powerful equation is simple and straightforward, but it is a management tool that will revolutionize how you prove your worth to your employer, how your employer will compare achievements among “equals,” and how your division or branch will prove its value
to the organization.

I’m glad you’re here. I look forward to sharing ‘my’ QTNT with you and I hope you will share your successes with me!