Women & Corona

This time of Corona Virus has been especially hard on women for many reasons that I don’t have to explain to anyone. That’s why I chose the image above. But now I want to talk about a bigger issue now that women will be returning to the workforce in droves. Which, my friends, is a good thing!

[From the Leveling the Paying Field book, Pg 61]
We hear a lot about equal pay and pay disparity—phrases that have their place and that I will continue to use throughout the book—but I have a different take on the bigger issue: Why are we talking about equal pay when the Quotient is able to measure a return on investment (ROI) in a way that has never been achievable in the past? Before the QTNT Personal Value Calculation, we have never been able to mathematically measure the value of a contribution from any employee—woman or man, disenfranchised or not. The Quotient changes all that.

How about, in addition to talking about equal pay, we talk about the appropriate pay for performance? How about we talk about proper pay for the value delivered? What if a woman’s work product is more valuable than a man’s in the same position? Does equal pay make her salary acceptable? I prefer that we—as both individuals and businesses, men and women, protected classes or not—seek fair pay for measurable value delivered. Isn’t this how it works in sales? Yes. But don’t get me wrong: I’m not suggesting non-sales professionals should be paid on a commission-type basis. On the contrary, my goal is to see that everyone learns how they add value to the organization, identify the extra value they deliver, defend it, and be paid accordingly. Will this take some education? You bet! That’s why I have written Leveling the Paying Field and why you are reading and learning from it.